Friday, January 7, 2011

Frugal Friday, Post Holiday Glut.

We're back from our amazing time home in Oregon with family. We soaked up every second that we could get and even got to see some snow! Now that the holidays are over this is usually a time that most people try even harder to save money for any overspending they may have done during the holidays.

A & B are here to help with a post holiday money
saving tip: cook at home. I know, it's so boring and so obvious, BUT cooking at home really does save money. You can freeze things ahead of time, cook and buy in bulk to save even more money, and have the self satisfaction when you're tasting your creations to know that you did it yourself and saved money in the process!

As I mentioned before, we are trying to cook and freeze meals ahead of time, both for saving time and money. A great food that you can freeze, make in bulk, AND that's inexpensive is:
soup. Oh soup, how we love you. If you're also dieting, or just like to eat healthily I found a great recipe in the Times that was for a sweet potato and butternut squash soup that we made, and we can attest to the fact that it actually was really delicious and I was able to freeze a
bunch too. Split pea soup is another great staple to make ahead and peas
are very, very inexpensive when you buy them in bulk. For a little extra DIY bonus, here are some of the most adorable canning labels I have ever seen that you can add to your jars of soup when you're freezing them.
Paper Crave made these free printables for a canning party, which I just may have to do!

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