Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ever dreamed of sleeping in a palace?? Well, now you can!

Why am I jumping for joy? Well, I'm not talking about Cinderella's castle in Disneyland (which admittedly I still think is really cool), starting this time next year you can stay at the Versailles Palace in Paris!! Right next door to the palace is the Hotel Du Grand Controle, a mansion that was built for the king's treasurer and his family, it was built in the 1680's. When everyone fled Versailles during the French Revolutionary war, this was vacated as well and it was never restored to its former glory, until now. The hotel will have 23 rooms and another big excitement is that hotel guests are rumored to gain access to the Versailles gardens which have been closed for over 300 years. Am I the only one having "Secret Garden" fantasies??

I went to Versailles for the first time last summer and it simply blew me away. There was so much to see and everywhere you looked was more impressive and breathtaking then the last. From a design standpoint it was incredible to see vintage furniture and fabrics I've seen
replicated a thousand times, all in their original forms! The lush baroque upholstery, grand
chandeliers, massive gardens, enormous beds with feather plumed corners and all!
Versailles was my favorite place in Paris (technically just outside) and the whole time I thought about whether there could be a corner I could sneak off to and hide myself in so that I wouldn't have to leave when they closed for the night.

The idea of staying in a five-star hotel right next to the Palace, or having an event there (WEDDING AT VERSAILLES???!!!!) it does truly sound like a fairy tale!

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