Friday, April 15, 2011

Frugal Friday: Frugal Moving Tips

Moving costs got you down? Well, A & I have found some great ways to save you some rent money!

First: boxes. Don't pay for them! Cruise behind your local liquor store and scoop up as many as you can, but watch out for those pesky transient leavings!

Movers: Why pay for movers when you have parents who for some strange reason actually like helping you do people's most loathed activity. Repeatedly...and a lot.

Storage: Have too much junk and realize that you can't in
good conscience give the Goodwill anymore single shoes or broken coat racks? Those parents have a garage don't they?!

Lastly: Free advice. Have a good sense of humor, because if you
don' may lose it in front of those nice parents and start screaming about Rush Limbaugh or something weird.

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