Friday, December 17, 2010

Frugal Friday, DIY

With the New Year looming and resolutions imminent, this seems one of the best times to start, or finish, a DIY project!

One of the most satisfying parts about DIY is obviously the whole "doing it yourself" part, but in addition to that it's a great way to save money and get to pat yourself on the back when it's all done.

Personally, I have quite a few unfinished upholstery projects I need to get ten of them. Sadly, that's not an exaggeration! I've collected all of these great pieces, three 60's barstools, two old 40's office chairs from a school, four French provincial style dining room chairs and one 60's/ 70's arm chair. All amazing pieces that ALL have to be reupholstered I have just been so gun-shy when it comes to picking the fabric!

Those are my upcoming DIY projects, in addition to cooking and handmade items I'm planning, but here are some great inspirations for other DIY projects on the Design Sponge blog. Check out their Before and After section too, also very inspiring!

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