Saturday, October 9, 2010

Le Creuset Update!

In addition to seeing our amazing friends get married in Oregon last weekend, A & I were also able to make a little stop at the Le Creuset outlet!

It was a little overwhelming, but as I was looking for the map to find the store there was a flier saying that Le Creuset was having a Buy More Save More sale and so the pieces I had picked out all ended up being an additional 35% off! I was pleased with my savings and ready to get cooking! This is what I got, and my savings:

5.5 qt. pot originally $315, priced at $196 (Sale price $68.60)

Skillet originally $190, priced at $112 (Sale price

Sauce Pan 2.75 qt. originally $170, priced at $161 (Sale price $56.35)

Stainless Steal Nob (for higher temp oven cooking) originally $10, priced at $10 (Sale price $3.50)

Cast Iron Cleaner (because they're so expensive that I am now terrified!) originally $12, priced at $12 (Sale price $4.20)

So, let's add that all up, if I had bought this all at a non outlet store it would have been a
whopping total of $697 (plus tax if it was here!)! Then, if it had been literally the day before (which was prior to the "Buy More Save More" sale) it still would have been $491! My grand total at the outlet, without sales tax and with the BMSM sale was only (yes, I know, not "only" but this was my grown-up present to myself!) $319.15!! Now, I just need to read the thirty page instruction booklet, search the net a bit for helpful hints and then you know, actually cook something and I'll be ready to enjoy my luxurious new gift!

FYI the pieces are now on our kitchen table much like a display, oh and I did get the "Carribean" color that I loved so much afterall! (These are the pieces I got as pictured).

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