Friday, September 24, 2010

Frugal Friday!

I know that this isn't vintage or craft related, BUT it is a timeless wonder...the good touch. We've been very busy lately, which is great, but we (especially one of us...) has been rather tense and has been carrying some tension in her shoulders! The wedding went wonderfully (more details soon in another post!) last weekend, but it was rather exhausting. So...what do we need after all this marital madness? A massage! At an amazing rate?! For almost an hour?! Where is this magical place you ask? Why, it's the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville (for us; for those outside the East Bay they have other locations!). It's only $35, without tax or tip (it's not allowed)...but here's the "catch," which really isn't so bad: you cannot choose your style (Swedish or Shiatzu) or whether you have a male or female masseuse. This is because it's a school and needs to have equal learning opportunities. And unlike a barber college, you don't leave looking like a poodle! We've gone a handful of times and it has honestly been great every time. $35 for almost an hour long massage is more than worth it. Yelp it and visit their website if you want more info. Enjoy!

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