Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keith Johnson, may I please have your life??

Kieth Johnson is the buyer for all of the Anthropologie (swoon!) stores. He has the luxury of traveling the world looking for art, antiques, textiles and architectural pieces to inspire and enrich the shopping experience at Anthro. I actually got to have a little taste of this lifestyle when I was in France, but Keith Johnson gets paid to do it ALL THE TIME!

He, and a few other lucky buyers, do nothing but travel the planet looking for unique treasures. Johnson says that the trick is being able to
tell the real antiques and hand-crafted gems from the mountains of souvenier junk. I would happily agree to try! Can you imagine having the whole world as your flea market? Yes, please!

You can watch Johnson as he scouts the world on his show Man Shops Globe on the Sundance channel.

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